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[PROJECT] Thanks To..

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#1 jeeelim5



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Posted 17 December 2009 - 01:47 AM

Posted Image

What is it?
"Thanks To.." is a project set up by Tohosomnia that aims to send the international fans' thanks and support to Cassiopeia in Korea. Similar to "To. TVXQ From. Cassiopeia" which can be found here. "Thanks To.." will be a compilation of letters that will be translated into Korean and posted on Daum.

Where will the letters be posted?
The letters will be posted on Daum in the TVXQ thread in the Star Zone section. Thousands of Cassiopeia visit the site daily and it has been rumored that the members of TVXQ occasionally visit the site as well.Due to unfortunate circumstances, the letters no longer be posted on this TVXQ Gallery. Instead they will be posted in Yuaerubi and Poplez :)

How will this project be done?
Letters written by international fans are to be posted here where one will be picked every week, translated, and put up on Daum.

Is a Tohosomnia account necessary?
Yes. A Tohosomnia account is necessary to participate in this project.

Where should letters be posted?
Please post letters on this thread :) Why? Your friendly Korean translator likes to keep everything in one place, that's why ;)
A letter will be picked, translated and posted every Saturday and the translated version as well as comments will be posted in Tohosomnia on Saturday.

1. This is a letter to Cassiopeia NOT TVXQ. Please remember to address and talk about Cassiopeia.
2. No promotions of your personal blogs/forums/whatever else. These are letters of support/love/unity, not a chance to get Cassiopeia to see whatever you're doing on your personal blogs. If any are found, your letter will not be used.
3. You are allowed to include pictures, graphics, drawing, anything that your heart desires. You may even include a picture of you or your DBSK fan friends. Anything is nice.
4. Be creative! Use different colors, fonts, sizes, etc. But remember, we will be looking for the best content, not how pretty it looks. Although, the aesthetic aspect could be a bonus ;)
5. Please include your username/real name (if you would like) and the city and country of your residence.
6. After you are done with your letter, please post it here.
7.* Usually, in Daum Television, letters end with a phrase such as "We are the one, eternally" or "TVXQ and Cassiopeia, forever as one". Be creative! Make up your own phrase to put at the end of your letter :)
8. You will be notified if your letter has been chosen through PMs.

*What does rule number 7 mean? Here's an example:
Posted Image
^ This is the one that most people use. They'll put a phrase at the end of their post that the commenters will use in their replies. After using the phrase, people use a / to separate their comments and their phrase and they continue to write their opinions as they did in the example before. The arrowed red ones are examples. Sometimes, people just put the phrase and that's it, but don't worry! That means they agree with what you've said and support it.

Note: The names of the writers have been pixelized out, and will be done so for each feedback we return (it's considered respecting the other person's online identity in Korea)

If you have any questions, please PM jeeelim5

Posted Image
signature credits: Eternalove

#2 rw_047



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Posted 17 December 2009 - 09:26 PM

That's sound really great~! XD
i love it, really... :thumbsup:
i'll try to make the letter :D.
hehehe, and maybe they will be read the letters? xD
hahah hope so >__<
:dance: :dance:

my 411
Posted Image

#3 sooyun_nie


    ~Min no Kano~

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Posted 17 December 2009 - 09:40 PM

sounds great!!
I'll try to make my own letter.. who knows they'll read it :w00t:
though my English isn't good enough but I'll try to not making any mistakes kekeke
I'll ask my friends to join this project as well ^^

#4 Guest_hellosunshine_*

  • Guests

Posted 18 December 2009 - 06:31 AM

i really loved this idea! ^^
i'm going to send my letter too :peace:

#5 Shawnodese


    To my groom... <3

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Posted 18 December 2009 - 10:07 AM

Oh Jeez! This is really great idea...
We love Cassiopea so much and This is a big chance for us to show our love Cassiopea for their eternal support to TVXQ.
This is really great.
I wanna participate but I don't know If My English will be enough to explain my real thoughts or not.
I'll try my best ^^
Thanks Jee this is awesome :hug: <3<3<3

Posted Image
Posted Image

#6 Guest_hellosunshine_*

  • Guests

Posted 18 December 2009 - 02:47 PM

ok, so this is my letter (:
it's not all that great and it's really short
but it's from the bottom of my heart :innocent:
and i really want to help with this project ^^
and thank cassiopeia for all the great work they've done throughout all of these years

here it goes :


Thank you for being the mother of us international fans. You are where the Dong Bang Shin Gi fans were born from, our starting point. I’m sure that if it weren’t for you and all of your hard work, most of us wouldn’t have had the blessing to know about our angels .
Cassiopeia is … caring … just like a mother is. When the faith of so many has stumbled upon pebbles, you have kneeled and lent them a hand, a comforting smile and a warming hug … you’ve proved them that not everything is what it seems to be, that everything will be alright.
You have taken care of Dong Bang Shin Gi when so many of us can’t do so, and yes, Cassiopeia did great things! But you’ve encouraged us to anything upon our reach, because even the smallest things make Dong Bang Shin Gi smile … even the smallest things make them proud of us.
Cassiopeia is humble, like a mother. You’re so far ahead, but you keep on encouraging us to keep on moving, even if we need to take baby steps to do so. You’re always cheering for us, always proud of our improvements.
Cassiopeia is brave, like a mother is when they fight for their children. You have fought, in such a calm, such a wise way, for Dong Bang Shin Gi at the hardest time of their lives. But you didn’t forget to show us how to help too.
Just like a mother, you haven’t forgotten Dong Bang Shin Gi . . . you haven’t forgotten us.
Thank you Cassiopeia, for your sleepless nights, for your absurdly awesome and creative projects, for the eternal support, for the chants, for your love, for your cleverness, for your courage, for your respect, thank you for being our voice, for your position as role models.
Thank you for being a big part of the reason to make the international fans being proud to say that we are Dong Bang Shin Gi fans.
When all the fans around the world are together, we are proud to shout:

“Yes! We are Dong Bang Shin Gi fans!”

Thank You Cassiopeia!
From : Laura Sampaio

gosh . . . i feel shy ^^;;

Edited by jeeelim5, 31 December 2009 - 07:06 AM.
Congratulations! Your letter has been picked to be translated

#7 shiroyamacah


    YunJae fangirl *O*

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Posted 19 December 2009 - 05:14 AM

ok, so this is my letter (:
it's not all that great and it's really short
but it's from the bottom of my heart :innocent:
and i really want to help with this project ^^
and thank cassiopeia for all the great work they've done throughout all of these years

here it goes :

gosh . . . i feel shy ^^;;

another brazilian! XD
is good find one here that isn't me! XD
i will do my BEST to do a VEEEEEEERY good message to cassiopeia too!
maybe today or tomorrow i will have a useful one (hope it~)^^"

#8 Guest_WonderCassie_*

  • Guests

Posted 22 December 2009 - 11:10 AM

Okay well here is my letter :blush:

Dear Cassiopeia,

Even though we are all on different parts of this Earth, we are all connect by our love for TVXQ.
A love that started with you all. A love that you all spread from country to country.
We as International fans really appreciate all the things that you all do to help our boys.
Cassiopeia you are an inspirational group that International Cassiopeians hold deep in our hearts.
We may not get to see each other too often but know that our amount of respect, care, and love for you all is infinite.
Whether we are from the North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, or maybe even Antartica, just know that our ♥hearts♥ are with you all.
So in other words Thank You for your existance. You are loved.
Let us all stand together as one and ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.

With Love♥,
Nikole Smith.♥(WonderCassie)

How was it? On some parts I couldn't find the right words to say ^^;;

#9 _MIN.x.MINe_


    MIN is MINe o(≧▽≦)o

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Posted 23 December 2009 - 04:19 AM

CASSIOPEIA, the Angel Made by Our Rising Gods of East

Dear Cassiopeia,

All my friends around me said it’s impossible to TVXQ not to break up. Everytime I meet them, they always said to me, “Just give up on TVXQ. They already choose their way to break up right?”
Since then, everynight…. I always had a nightmare, about disbanding TVXQ. My head aching, I give up hope, I don’t care about my life, I don’t care about my study, I don’t need to eat, even I don’t need this air to breath.

I lost my life…. Saw no sense in living…


August 28th at 1:30PM

Posted Image

I heard news that Cassiopeia submitted the petition about protect TVXQ’s human rights to the National human’s rights commission of Korea. They collect 121,073 signatures at that time just to protect TVXQ. They waste their time for doing it although TVXQ still didn’t speak up at that time. They do it in their own will.
Seriously I cried at that time. What the hell am I doing in here!! So many people want to protect TVXQ and believe in TVXQ! More than 800.000 cassiopeia be strong because of TVXQ! And will keep their faith till the end. They will do anything for TVXQ because…

TVXQ still not saying anything about disbanding.

In the other news

Posted Image

There is Cassiopeia on “Live Music Bank” aired on August 28th. She bring “I believe in TVXQ” message.


Although it just shot for around 2 seconds. At least, she is better than me. I’m doing nothing here. It’s not just me the one who feel in pain because of SME’s behavior. Well, so many people in THIS WORLD feeling pain too because of SME. Then what the heck am I doing in here. Behave like I AM just the one who hurt because of SME. It’s ME, who hurt MYSELF!
At that time I realize. I can’t do anything in here, Indonesia. Far away from Korea and Japan. I really need someone who can lend their hand for me to protect TVXQ. I need a miracle.


Posted Image

That awesome red ocean here. To lend me some hope. To give me back my life. To reach my dream with TVXQ together.
I realize, why my love for TVXQ is eternal.
Because Cassiopeia is always with TVXQ.
Cassiopeia is the awesome fanclub I’ve ever seen.
Cassiopeia is the one who always keep their faith till the end.
Cassiopeia is the one who can make TVXQ smile.
Cassiopeia is the angel who made by our Rising Gods of the East.

Thanks God, now you send that angel to me. I really hope they will do their best to protect TVXQ. Thanks Cassiopeia, to always spread TVXQ’s love to another TVXQ’s fans around this world. I hope we can meet someday then we can tell the world how proud we are to be TVXQ’s fans ^^

Let’s Unite, and keep our faith forever and ever

by : Uri Arfinda Maharani ( _MIN.x.MINe_ )

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Posted 23 December 2009 - 11:28 AM

Dear Cassiopeia,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting TVXQ. Since the beginning, you have shown your faith and support and love to our Gods Rising in the East. Like us international fans and even Big East fans, you continue to show love and support to TVXQ. Like you guys, we are also saddened by the news of TVXQ's lawsuit with SM Entertainment. We're happy that you have boycotted against SM and that you are staying strong for our favorite Kpop group. Like you, we hope that this lawsuit will end soon and that TVXQ will win. Cassiopeia, please always keep the faith and please don't give up on TVXQ. They need all the support they can get.

Let's always keep the faith and continue supporting TVXQ, forever and ever.

Josh Grimes (DBSKBoA)

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

credit for both avatar and sig: Eternalove @ tohosomnia.net

#11 ILEE


    -We all will smile again- :D

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Posted 23 December 2009 - 12:17 PM


You have done so much. You have created miracles and unity. With such love and support, TVXQ is still alive today. I can't imagine what they will be like without you guys. Through thick and thin, you guys stuck with them. Even to this day, you inspire us. To this day you guys make us think about things that would have never came to mind. Seeing the faith in you gives faith to many other fans who have lost hope. Cassiopeia is not just one person, it is a whole group of people that become one.
With your heads held high, you ignore the taunts and insults from others. You show so much strength even when there is endless pain. But we understand that. We, international fans who have the heart of a Cassie, understand what you are going through. We, too, are suffering. But, we're going to get pass the pain together.
When people think of TVXQ, they only see Youngwoong Jaejoong, U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin, Xiah Junsu, and Micky Yoochun. But we all are also there. The family of Cassiopeia, Bigeast, and other fans are part of TVXQ too. Sometimes we can't feel the complete pain of them, but we still feel a lot of it. We cry with them when they win, we cry with them when they're sad, we laugh with them when they're embarrassed, we smile with them when they're happy, because we love them so much.
Cassiopeia, thank you so much for being there for them when we can't be. Thank you.

List of Fanfics

#12 jeeelim5



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Posted 23 December 2009 - 07:39 PM

The first weekly letter to Cassiopeia that will be translated is by _MIN.x.MINe_.
You will be notified by a PM when translated feedback is posted :)

Posted Image
signature credits: Eternalove

#13 anthra_JJ


    A fresh MMP pawn

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Posted 27 December 2009 - 12:43 AM

I’m no longer seeking the reason behind my love for TVXQ as they are part of me now...

I might only know TVXQ for a year and 10 months but my feelings aren’t any difference than those who followed them since their debut days...

I never followed an artist from their debut days…

I never bought any artist’s albums even if I like their songs…

I never think about an artist for more than three times per day…

I never thought that I could love a boy band…

I never thought that I will like their songs despite the fact that I don’t understand their language…

I never thought that not one but five guys can make me wait for them so long…

I never thought that five guys can be almost perfect…

And I never thought that five guys will change my life…

TVXQ, the miracle of my life…

My wishes were simple and yet it seems impossible…

Wish that I was one of the 800 000 fans that cheer them with a red pearl light stick…

Wish that I could see their energetic performance…

Wish I had bought all their albums and goods…

And the list goes on…

TVXQ, the source for my imagination…

What held us together when the three members filed the lawsuit?

The faith and love that we, the Cassiopeia have for them…

What we depended on when the word ‘disbandment’ haunted us?

The faith and love that we, the Cassiopeia have for them…

What made us to keep thinking about them even they are far from us?

The faith and love that we, the Cassiopeia have for them…

Since that day I first met you
I felt like I already knew you
You and I melded into each other so smoothly

-THSK Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou-

Cassiopeia healed my pain so I’m no longer in pain…

Cassiopeia taught me how to believe in someone so I’m no longer doubt my love for TVXQ…

Cassiopeia encouraged me to love TVXQ even more so my love for them just grew more…

Cassiopeia was there for me when I’m happy or sad just like true friends…

Cassiopeia and TVXQ are like soul and body- Only death can do us apart

From : Nanthini, Malaysia

Posted Image

avie by Jac and siggie by Farayas

Know Me - 411 & Blog: Speak and Breath DBSK

#14 jeeelim5



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Posted 31 December 2009 - 07:05 AM

The second weekly letter to Cassiopeia that will be translated is by hellosunshine.
You will be notified by a PM when translated feedback is posted :)

Due to Friday being January 1st, when Korean people spend time with family, the letter will be posted on Saturday January 2nd.

Posted Image
signature credits: Eternalove

#15 anthra_JJ


    A fresh MMP pawn

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Posted 06 January 2010 - 08:31 AM

Posted Image

I wonder how is it to not sharing your problems with those you spent the last 6 years with…

Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin, Jung Yunho, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun…

The great family of five that anyone had seen before…

Had gone through hardships together…

Posted Image

Had shared every bit of happiness together…

Posted Image

Had become a heartbeat away…

So, you guys must find it is so hard

When you can’t lean on their shoulders...

When you can’t comfort each other…

When you have to pretend like everything is normal while you are hurting inside…

When you have to cry alone…

When you miss them whenever you watch your previous performances…

When the media separates you into 2…

Posted Image

But we will go through this together…

TVXQ and their fans, Cassiopeia will strive against this rough path together…

Talking about Cassiopeia, I must admit that I'm so proud of them…

Can such love exist? I ask myself often…

How can we love not one but five of them unconditionally?

How can we KEEP on loving them even they had few airtime on television?

Above all this, how can 800 000 fans can wait for the return of five guys?

The answer can only mean CASSIOPEIA…

Posted Image

They want to protect TVXQ, support TVXQ, comfort TVXQ and love TVXQ forever…

Everything about them is genuine…just like TVXQ
Everything about them is loveable…just like TVXQ

Aren’t you jealous of us, the largest fan base in the world that was united just by pure love?

Say it whatever you want because that won’t hurt the strong bond between Cassiopeia…

Nuga mwora haedo You're my crazy love
Michyeottdago haedo Just can't get enough
Ireon naui mareul geudaen arajugettjyo
Baby my heart beats for you

~Crazy Love by TVXQ~

I’m sure we all cried a lot ever since the lawsuit problem had started...
It was because we were worried about them…

And I’m sure that we will cry once again when they make a comeback but during that time we will have a wide smile on our face…

So let’s our hands to be itchy to hold that red pearl light stick and remind yourself to buy a red balloon because no one can stop TVXQ coming back to us,the Cassiopeia..

Posted ImagePosted Image

Because we always keep the faith and it has and will not falter…

By Nanthini,Malaysia

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Posted Image

avie by Jac and siggie by Farayas

Know Me - 411 & Blog: Speak and Breath DBSK

#16 jeeelim5



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Posted 07 January 2010 - 06:22 PM

The third weekly letter to Cassiopeia that will be translated is by anthra_JJ.
You will be notified by a PM when translated feedback is posted :)

Your second letter has been translated which means that your first letter is not applicable for translation unless there are no letters left to translate. :)

Posted Image
signature credits: Eternalove

#17 ktsan



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Posted 10 January 2010 - 12:58 AM

ugh, how do i put my love for cassies into a letter? it's just hard.

well, here it goes then...

To Cassiopeia in Korea and around the world...

Posted Image
If TVXQ is a shining lightbulb, then cassiopeia is the light socket it's plugged into, always giving them energy without limit.

Posted Image
If TVXQ is a burning candle, then Cassiopeia is the everlasting candle, constantly reforming to keep the their passionate flame burning.

Posted Image
If TVXQ is a beautiful song, then Cassiopeia is the melodic piano, always in the background but so vitally important to the emotion in the music.

Posted Image
If TVXQ is a sailing ship, then Cassiopeia is the giant red sea that carries it to all of their destinations, always waiting for their return and their next journey.

Posted Image
if TVXQ is a bright constellation, then Cassiopeia is the dark night sky that brings out their brightness

You see, I think that TVXQ is nothing without the 800,000 Cassiopeias.

They keep constant watch over the boys. They make TVXQ's presence felt, even when all faith falters and the world of kpop believes that TVXQ is dead.

For that, I must be thankful, because all we can do as international fans is watch and hope that both TVXQ and Cassiopeia feel the support we send them from our hearts, minds, and souls.

Posted Image
Cassiopeia is the face of every fan in every corner of the world, and without them, any international fan is nothing.

Posted Image
To see TVXQ represented in such a loving and devoted way fills my heart with pride knowing that there will always be people to take care of TVXQ, even when they refuse to show weakness.

They are the face of fandom everywhere. With no leaders, with no official meetings, with nothing to guide them but their love for TVXQ...

...I am ashamed to call myself a fan...
...because there is no way I can show the same love for TVXQ the way any member of Cassiopeia can.

So as an international fan, please never stop showing your love, because:
It's you, Cassiopeia, that we can rely on.
It's you, Cassiopeia, that we count on to Always Keep the Faith.
It's you, Cassiopeia, that are able to show TVXQ that across the globe, there is a giant Red Sea, always waiting and hoping that someday, we too can proudly wave red pearls.

Posted Image

Thank you, Cassiopeia, and may your faith and love never falter
Because you and TVXQ are ONE.
Posted Image

[ktsan, USA]

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always keep the faith.




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Posted 10 January 2010 - 03:02 AM

T____T I feel so non-creative after seeing how well you guys do with the pics and stuff.

You guys have written some good ones though! :D
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

credit for both avatar and sig: Eternalove @ tohosomnia.net

#19 Shawnodese


    To my groom... <3

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Posted 16 January 2010 - 01:09 PM

To My Cassiopeia!

Today, I thought about to thank you for those lovely years,
but I couldn't find a word to explain my real feelings.
Being thankful, being appreciated, being grateful ...
They all are NOT enough! Now, Please accept my feelings for you with your HUGE hearts!

You all know. We love DBSK. We believe in them eternally. But Sometimes we forget about you,
who always protect our DBSK,
who always surround them with love,
who are always with them,
who think in the same language with them,
who feel the same feelings with them,
who always LOVE them ...
Posted Image

Even though We can't support them in the abroad, you always can and you do.
Even though sometimes We're not brave or strong enough, You are always, instead of us.
You always do What we can't do, for us!
Posted Image

Posted Image
When They won an award, I know You're there and reflect your happiness to them.

Posted Image
When They cried, I know Your eyes are red more than anytime and your hearts break into pieces in every second their tears fell.

Posted Image
When They injured or hurt, I know Your breath gives you pain.
Posted Image
When They hugged eachother, I know Your hearts tremble cuz of happiness.

Posted Image
When You saw their smiles, I know You grin so deeply.

Posted Image
When You felt their happiness, I know You're happy even if it's a really bad day for you.

Posted Image
You made a history for them and made us eternal.

We just sat down and wrote something to spazz,
we just talked about to support them (At least I'm like this and This is a big embarrasement for me TT.TT )
but YOU DID what you promised, what you thought, what you dreamt, instead of us.

When They were weak, You gave them power.
When They were upset, You cheered them up.
When They were lost, You became their light.
When They were here, You were here with them.

We just stayed in thoughts,
We contented ourselves with thoughts but You were THE ACTIONS always.
We just thought about, But You DID. We just dreamt but You made your and their dreams come true.

Now, 800.000 is not a number but HEARTS.
800.000 Hearts beat with 5 and You know what?
They won't stop till the very end!!!

This is the keepers of our love.
This is the protectors of our heart!
This is the REAL one and ETERNAL LOVE!
This is the Power! This is the TVfXQ + CASSIOPEIA = 1

Fatma(파트마) Betul (베툴) Yalcin (얄츤) aka Shawnodese

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Posted Image
Posted Image

#20 fun_junsu



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Posted 22 January 2010 - 05:14 AM

Hi,this is an awesome project
I really want to join, but actually I have a video,I made an illustration and animation about Cassiopeia n TVXQ
But I posted it in youtube,in my channel,ehmmm you said we can't promote our blog right..I know,but please tell me how to show my video without accessing my channel>its ok for me,I dont want to show my channel,but I want them to see this animation...thanx b4,btw this is my letter + video

------------------------here's my letter n vid-----------------------------------

Dear Cassiopeia,

I wanna you to know that
You’re my bestfriend ever in my life
You’re there when I’m in any situations
You’re there to encourage me
You’re there to give me news about TVXQ
You’re there as connector to TVXQ
Thank you, Thank you for your kindness
Thank you for allowing me to know them
Thank you for making me happy
By your kindness I can update them,
By your kindness you help me to be
a better person ,inspires my life,work, and future

I know I’m bad in saying a word
I can’t make good phrases
But I can express my feelin by my hand
I have emotions and I draw,
Here’s the short story one of Cassiopeia and TVXQ
Wish one of you have the same feeling with this Cassiopeia

TVXQ and Cassiopeia, forever as one

Fani Atmanti
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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ava n signature credit by :yunjae-nyu@tvxqindo.com
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