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@  anthra_KJJ : (22 February 2018 - 11:59 PM) So my old username is anthra_jj but i created a new one again in 2016. So yeah can't access the posts much
@  anthra_KJJ : (22 February 2018 - 11:57 PM) I miss those emojis too.  :yum: For JJ's body (Old memories)
@  anthra_KJJ : (22 February 2018 - 11:56 PM) Heyyyyyyyyy! I miss this place and yes, I too forgot my password
@  chibbi : (20 January 2018 - 05:19 PM) this was such a great place. I am actually shocked that to this day is still floating in the web. I'm deleting my account, you can finde me on twitter as tohoberry. See ya!
@  4everjaejae : (20 August 2017 - 11:00 PM) annyeong!
@  farayas : (22 April 2017 - 09:15 PM) Wow... It's like this place got stuck in time...
@  ryfi : (06 November 2016 - 07:28 AM) is this forum still active?
@  ryfi : (06 November 2016 - 07:27 AM) haii
@  anthra_KJJ : (30 May 2016 - 08:55 AM) Listening to TS's Faded Dreams that was made for the boys YEARS ago.
@  anthra_KJJ : (30 May 2016 - 08:31 AM) good to be back here after years. anyone still remember Anthra_JJ?
@  anthra_KJJ : (30 May 2016 - 08:31 AM) well ANNYEONGGGGGGG!!!!
@  bluelily : (05 May 2016 - 07:32 PM) Ayu!
@  hikarinome : (05 May 2016 - 07:46 AM) lily!
@  bluelily : (03 May 2016 - 02:32 PM) Nothing much.
@  kimbeollijae89 : (21 March 2016 - 10:59 AM) :D whats up?!
@  kimbeollijae89 : (21 March 2016 - 10:59 AM) bt its been so long since i last been here, i dun remember my password.
@  kimbeollijae89 : (21 March 2016 - 10:58 AM) im im not new,
@  kimbeollijae89 : (21 March 2016 - 10:58 AM) hi
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Tohosomnia's First Anniversary

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 08:53 AM

Posted Image

Losing Sleep For One Year...


Posted Image

To the Buddies who helped make
Tohosomnia Forums possible...

jeje_boojae | justyoohnme | ifajunchan
tetsuko-chin | xxPINK.tienSHii | Kenoa | Jaeron-Q
DoubleJaeDee | swayzen | ayoepan | rethzneworld

To our friends who gave
life to Tohosomnia...

ohhlalakelly | Shenlu | May² | NekoRiChan | _MIN.x.MINe_ | ohhlalawindy
jasm12341995 | Increasingly- | some1gurl | erika_03 | Eternal Lover | ILEE
ang3lsoul | ReiMin | ChloeluvsDBSK | jerica.zhu | mistyblue27 | Maiken
imprinted | allsaints | yeonni | lea_lyana | jaedon | farayas | kisstheTVXQsky
Shawnodese | chechoki* | yuujae | mary ! | Ryuuichi | x33annie. | benetton
WonderCassie | 재중-Crazy♥ | baka_kayun | ♥elora♥ | Hoodwinker | anthra_JJ
bamboo33kjj | Kattiee | epitome.cherry♥ | ktsan | Strawberry92 | PurplexLine
marehn17 | jaeloise | faithintvxq | elle0614 | Shadowphyr | sooyun_nie
Ringy | `ANITA | gelliegellie | Jyezrah | eternalmerkamoon | phototropism
jackIe! | dongbangquang | Slytherin! | YUzchel | Rosey | Cintbel | blackelement_ice
Faye | xaiimeexd | anna_choikang | YunJin | u_nnie_know | xiaLova | dark1988
chibbi | JeeRaro | cherish | jenni 김재중 | Shin_kel | Expired Milk | jun-on<3
4everjaejae | dong5bang | ReshaMin-Min | enigmaticma | &patty | fudgelove
Cindy | the_CHIBIT | studmuffin | sue_teng | jaenice | akimi_beehappy | Freya13
Junsu사랑 | Ethene | akasha | shiroyamacah | Lightfoot | Eszterke | shiyunzz
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CrapLordess101 | cassiopeiastar | ALOU | ii mary ii | Anaime | arcticmoonrise
proud_noona | kimberlyJJ | MISYEL | All Newbies

{t h a n k y o u}

#2 zhuuzhuusoba



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Posted 15 August 2010 - 08:53 AM

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{Scarlet Rose - Risa}

To all the Tohosomniacs:

Congratulations on our FIRST ANNIVERSARY EVERRRR! It is a huge milestone to be up and running for a YEAR and I am so proud to be in this forum.

A biiiig round of applause for the awesome staff that I work with because, without them, I probably wouldn't find a good DBSK forum to join--let alone be part of the staff. YEAH YOU GUYS, I LOVE YOU ALL. :'DDDD

I am also thankful to all the members who keep this forum alive--continue to do so! You guys rock for doing what you do, continue to appreciate our boys no matter what. Continue to make friendships here, and strengthen the ones you have already created during this year. Don't forget that we're a family.


{Supernike911 - Cherie}

Dear beloved members,

Having been with TS for a little over 5 months, I just want to say that every second was worth it! I'm so blessed to be a part of something so special, and I just want to congratulate all the staff and members for allowing us to make it to our FIRST ANNIVERSARY BABY! I've deeply felt our Somnia-family love through encouragements, messages of appreciation, and overall warm hospitality given by everyone I've encountered, so you guys are FREAKING AH-MAZING! Continue to participate actively in the forum so that we will be able to celebrate our 10th, 20th, maybe even 50th anniversary as old grandies!

I really do hope our family members can increase and multiply, just like how our love for the Dong Bang boys will strengthen day by day. I'm hopefully waiting for that day to come, because I strongly believe in it. I dearly love Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yunho with all my heart, so I want to declare loud and proud, "I'm a TVXQ fan!"

"Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart. Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."

Cherie <3

{tvxq_luv - Monica}

Hey there Somnian's!

It's our first birthday and I really want to thank all you guys for supporting us even if we were such a new forum. To be able to become a part of this TS family, makes me special and belong somewhere, and I hope it has the same effect for you!

I'm so proud of how far we've come, establishing so much and making our name - it's all thanks to our awesometastic members and staff. I hope to see our family growing more and more in the future!~~

And now it's time to partayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!~~ :dance:

Kitten, aka Monica

{JasEsth - Jaslyn}

YO Dong Bang Lovers/Worshippers/Preachers/[insert your own term]
(LOLS… I just have to make the starting crack, no? xD)

Well anyway, congratulations to everyone on the forum that are able to celebrate the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of Tohosomnia with US!!! *whistles and pompoms with chips, popcorns or nachos and drinks*

Started out as a member to now a staff, I want to say a big thank you to those all the people I know here. You guys make me feel so proud to be part of the forum and also being a fan of Dong Bang boys. Despite being down or stuck with projects or work, coming up here sure makes me smile and laugh by the end of the day. Though, most of us have never seen each other in real life (if not via profile pics/411s where you had uploaded your picture/selca) we are like one big family. I made many close friends here and so are the rest. Whether you are from neighbouring countries or across the globe, as long as you love Dong Bang boys you are my friend :). I’m glad to see more and more people join TS and I hope that even more people will join when the guys comeback.

I wanna thank all the staffs for all the hard work they have put in to this forum. I know many of us are busy with our studies/work but despite that you guys willing to put in your best in making this forum a better place. Kudos to you guys and I appreciate it so much.

Thank you TS for being part of my fandom journey for Dong Bang boys, love ya all :hug:


{MickyYummy - Sheilla}

HOORRAAAYYY ON OUR 1st ANNIVERSARY!!!!! *throws confetti and apple pies to every corner on TS*

i can't believe finally we reach our 1st anniversary xD it feels just like yesterday when people just moved here and together we did all our-crack and random chat in s-box. I feel so much blessed because i have this chance to be part of Tohosomniacs, together with all beloved staffs and members here, i found the best forum ever with all of you here <3333
i'm so proud of you guys <33333 :wub:

just like how strong the bound and friendship between TVXQ members, i want, and i believe we can have such strong and beautiful friendship; even without ever seeing each other, and not to mention we're separated so far away; you guys are really my best friends! ;__; *sniffs*

thanks for makes me feel that I belong somewhere and that I have my other home here. I can’t really spill how I appreciate every single members and staffs here, and how much I love you guys just equally with how I love the boys (a tiiiny biitttt more for yoochun, but really just a tiny winy bit of piece ;] ), but I DO LOVE YOU GUYSSSS SO MUCH <3333333 thank you!!! m(__ __)m *bows down*

We should have a big fanmeet one day, okay? When that day come, I’ll treat all of you with apple pies ;]

♥ -Sheilla :) chun's eater

{HowUkno? - Jou}

The staff’s determination to become more efficient and active made me realize how I should have that same enthusiasm in my work. Because of this reason, Tohosomnia has helped me become more passionate and focused as an artist. Please don't lose that flicker of resolve and assurance you yourself gave. This is just another test we must face just like Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yunho must face.

Remember, life randomly spits many different experiences at you.

But also remember, you're not alone in these experiences.

We will eventually overcome our obstacles.

Always beam with optimism, guys.


{whiteliesoul - Ain}

Dear Somniacs!

Tohosomnia turns one today! Congrats and happy first anniversary to Tohosomnia. I am short of words to write anything. But in few words I would like to say.. Thank you so much for giving us your love and affection. The wonderful moment we have spent together, sharing each others joys and sorrows.. Thank you for spreading smiles everywhere and making my life so beautiful and meaningful. Always be happy and do not let this universe regret you. Belief and make things real. You are a thousand times more epic than you know! I love you guys so much <3

ain (whiteliesoul)

P/s: "We are all somewhat damaged, and in that realization we are beautiful."

{thesexy-orange - Jean}

Hayyyyyyy~ ^_^

It's been a year.. wow.. everything happened so quickly and my brain can't process this yet but it wouldn't have been this enjoyable without you guys! Thanks for sticking with us and giving us support whenever we felt down; thanks for helping us bring this forum higher up the TVXQ fandom and thanks for just being here.

We know we don't have a huge forum or huge number of members but we love every single one of us and will do even better for the next year! We hope you won't give up any form of light or hope that glimmers and keep fighting!

How has this 1 year been for you? It has been memorable, enjoyable, fun and most of all, filled with love for me. Talking to you guys just make everything even better~

Please continue supporting us with many years to come and let our international friendship blossom under the light that TVXQ shines on us. We're all special in our own way, we're Cassiopeia.



{mandasoh - Amanda}

Dear Tohosomniacs,

Happy first anniversary! Tohosomnia Forums turns one year old today. For those who have been with us from the beginning, thank you for all your support in helping us build TS into what it is today. For those who joined us along the way, thank you for making us even better!

To our dearest Buddies, we couldn't have done it without you, so our heartfelt thanks for all your contributions!

Whether you've been here for a long time or if you've only joined us recently, everyone of you makes a difference in our Tohosomniac Family and I really look forward to TS becoming a better place for fans to gather and growing even larger in future.

From a semi-unknown forum to one of the larger international TVXQ forums today, it feels like we've come a long way, and there's still so much more to do. So, a great big thank you to everyone and here's to many more anniversaries to come!

<3 Manda

{zhuuzhuusoba - Chanel}

To my beloved Somniacs,

I want to thank you for an unforgettable year. Your support, your encouragement, your words, and your concerns have had so much impact on our team. A bad day can be turned around by a single greeting in the shoutbox, or by a PM or comment where we can truly feel our bonds as friends.

When we first started this international TVXQ forum, it was for one sole purpose: to brings fellow fans together and provide a quick and accurate channel to anything concerning TVXQ. I sincerely hope that TS has given this to you, and much more. We work to bring you guys the best of the best. Though we are bound to make mistakes, and though we lack in many areas, it warms my heart to know that there are friends out there who appreciate what we do. We are people from all walks of life, yet a single love unifies us all. Isn't that amazing? No matter what our ethnic background may be, our level of education, our financial situation, our religion, our family, our past... We are brought together through music.

Let's continue to walk together, and be here when the boys need us.

{bluelily - Shermel}

Tohosomnia's 1st Anniversary is here; the path toward a 2nd year of sleepless nights has begun.

Finding the words to express this milestone is tough: closing my eyes I replay back every second from the initial idea of Tohosomnia till now. This journey was worth the tears and laughter along the way. Being part of a community of International Cassies such as ours is.......a bright spot on those gloomy days. Thanks for the fun chats, threads and posts, without those Tohosomnia would be empty.

For those I have met along the way, thank you for taking the time to say “Hi.” Your small gesture of kindness makes a newbie or regular member feel welcome.

To my fellow staff members, without your hardworking and unselfish giving this milestone wouldn't be possible. :hugs:

To those staffers that have parted from us, your passionate sprit that build Tohosomnia from the ground up is felt by new and old members of our forum. You’ll always be part of this family.

Dong Bang Shin Ki the inspiration behind Tohosomnia creation. As 5 men living a dream through the words sung with indescribable emotion, thank you. Your journey has changed so much. As each of you explores the path chosen understand we are cheering you on. 5 apart or together, you will always be Tohoshinki.

Your Resident Director and Technician.

{Jeeelim5 - Jee Soo}

Hola Somniacs! We've finally reached one! Yayyy *throws confetti and a couple of penguins*
(Note, no penguins or confetti were hurt in this process. I swear the confetti is fine. It's MEANT to be lying on the floor like that.)

ANYWHO, I've been with Tohosomnia ever since it began and it's great to have been able to see Tohosomnia grow, expand and mature. It's kind of like watching your kid grow, not that I would know since I've never had a kid, but you get what I mean.

We're not the biggest forum out there, or the most famous, but I'm proud of the bond that we've created with each other and the level of maturity that I haven't seen much in other forums, Korean and international. I love that everyone's able to come together on the sbox and talk a problem out and support each other. In other words, you guys are just too awesome sauce X)

Mucho loves to you all and a great big thank you for putting up with crazy people like me. I don't know how you do it, but you do, and I love you all for it♥ And I'm going to shut up now, because once this mouth (well.. er.. fingers) of mine starts, it'll never stop.


With love,
Jee -the crazy pyscho Korean translator who talks way more than she should and should seriously get more sleep. Oh well ;] I'll survive-

P.S. :hyper: ..............kthnxbai X)

{Raine - Raine}

Oh, how time flies. We have been blessed with a year together, already! Happy first Anniversary!
I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone on this forum. Thank you for being here, for breathing life into this wonderful fandom, and for supporting the Tohosomnia family—our family, my family.
This forum is full of pleasant surprises and I have met many wonderful fans with exquisite personalities from all over the globe. I look forward to the many more memorable years to come, and I hope you all are, too! After all, this is only the beginning~

Much love,

{ssunsett - Clara}

Dear Somniacs,

Thank you to all of you out there that made us who we are today. Regardless of size, I'm proud to have this forum to call my home, one that is full of vibrant characters and colors that are so different yet melds together beautifully, one that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside <3

To my fellow staffs, you guys rock so much. I'd shower each and every one of you with sloppy dino kisses if I could =D

All I want to say is that the DongBang fandom is a truly great place to be, and I wouldn't love it so much if not for everyone at Tohosomnia, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Here's to a great 1st anniversary, may we continue to grow bigger and stronger, and herald the day that the 5 become 1 again.

<3 Your Resident Dinosaur


Happy first Anni
Thanks to all the members for making this their home.
Thanks to the staff for being more awesome than awesome.
Here is looking forward to the day our boys will stand on that stage as five again.

<3 Bean

{hikarinome - Ayunda}

Happy Anniversary, Tohosomnia!! =D the place i call home, where i met the most amazing friends (mostly dongsaengs, rawr! =P) whom i cherish very much <3 i love you guys if i haven't told you the words already, i really really DO

We are family, drew together by the fact that we share the same interest and deep appreciation towards these 5 amazing Korean gods,, DongBangShinKi / Tohoshinki / TVXQ! we love the boys, no doubt about that :]
i grew attached to this family the first time i stepped in (twas the old forum) when i was being welcomed with the warmest welcome greetings by the lovely staffs and members you could ever wished for. i felt comfortable and love being here even more as the time goes by~ I love you all, fellow somniacs!! though i can't really stay up that late to experience the 'tohosomniacs' way of life :X but hey! at least i get to chat wif you guys during my daytime =P *big hugs for all*
aaaaaand being a part of the staff team is definitely an honor for me. to be able to go through the ups and downs and everything together, is really a new experience and i enjoyed every single moments of it. i love you guys crazy staffers so damn much you have no idea *smooches all*

so THANK YOU! to all of you guys who have always been there throughout this amazing year, sharing the bitter and sweet memories together, for your endless support and love, for your time and efforts, for everything!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I am Proud to be a part of this family, and i hope we can always stick together for more amazing years to come of Tohosomnia.

ayuchun, the deluded wabbit

{marehz - Mariz}

Happy Anniversary Tohosomnia! I am really grateful to be a part of this wonderful family and I am so proud to be one of these awesome somniacs. Heee~ :3 I just hope that we'll be together for not just another year but for the longest time possible. Please continue supporting the boys and Tohosomnia. Keep the fandom burning! I hope that we will all keep the faith, for that's everything we can do. Let's love the boys forever, 'kay? It will forever be Yoochun, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yunho and Changmin and us Cassiopeias. ILU GUYS! ♥ I love you, staffs =)


{Eternalove - May}

Somniacs, staffies, guests,


I can't believe it has been a year since TS started. This year was full of change. There were problems, confusion, frustration, tears, pillows, DVDs, suits, dramas, etc but I'm glad one thing has not changed.

We are still part of the TVXQ fandom. We are still a group of loving fans who are concerned about the well-beings of our boys and of each other. It still amazes me that people I’ve never seen before from the other side of the world are asking me “How are you today?” These same people are also putting the boys’ happiness over their own desires. The amount of care and respect we give to the boys and to each other makes TS different. This is why I love you guys.

Now let’s cheer for the past and the new beginning that is about to unfold.

Posted Image
Let’s all eat cake! (or leftover pizza for me…)

and don't forget!
Posted Image

Love from,

{Senorita_ - Karen}

Happy 1st Anniversary Tohosomnia!

Wow, I can't believe it's been a year that we have established ourselves. We came a long way to be where we are now. It's wonderful to have so many great staffs, everyone here are awesome!
And no matter what happens, the legend of DBSK continues on and we fans will always be united and staying strong. I hope that we'll be here for as many years as DBSK has =)

Happy Anniversary, Somniacs!
Please feel free to leave any comments in this thread regarding Tohosomnia's 1st Anniversary

{Banners for Our First Anniversary}
Posted Image
Credits: HowUkno? @ tohosomnia.net
Image URL: http://i37.tinypic.com/1z2n82a.jpg

Credits: HowUkno? @ tohosomnia.net[/center]

Posted Image
Credits: HowUkno? @ tohosomnia.net
Image URL: http://i36.tinypic.com/i798bn.jpg
Credits: HowUkno? @ tohosomnia.net[/center]

Posted Image
Credits: Eternalove @ tohosomnia.net
Image URL: http://i38.tinypic.com/259a5b4.jpg
Credits: Eternalove @ tohosomnia.net[/center]

Posted Image
Credits: Eternalove @ tohosomnia.net
Image URL: http://i33.tinypic.com/n4juk5.jpg
Credits: Eternalove @ tohosomnia.net[/center]

Posted Image
Credits: Eternalove @ tohosomnia.net
Image URL: http://i38.tinypic.com/25z59uo.jpg
Credits: Eternalove @ tohosomnia.net[/center]

Posted Image
Banner {Eternalove@tohosomnia} | Avatar {farayas@tohosomnia}

#3 zhuuzhuusoba



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Posted 15 August 2010 - 08:59 AM

Update on Tohosomnia's First Anniversary Gift For TVXQ:

Firstly, thank you to everyone who contributed to the collection for our First Anniversary Gift! Whether it's through donations or simply spreading the word, we appreciate your support!

As the funds collected didn't meet the target, we will have to make some changes to the gifts. The personal gifts for each member will be scraped. The following gifts will be made/given:

  • 60 page picture & message book (2 copies)
  • The Postcards' first single
  • Letter to TVXQ
  • Musical CDs to the members

We only received a handful of post-its so we'll transfer the messages into the books instead.

Once all the gifts are completed & sent to the rightful locations, we'll post pictures! Targeted deadline for pictures to be out: Mid-Sept. :]

Posted Image
Banner {Eternalove@tohosomnia} | Avatar {farayas@tohosomnia}

#4 xiaLova


    : : 준수 <3 마야 : :

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 11:51 AM


though i was late for join TS last year, it seems like i've already found many wonderful things here.
new abilities, new languages, and new behaves.
now i have those all :)

thank you so much for all staffies. i know so much efforts y'all have already put for TS in.
really. i don't know how can y'all work it out together with that harmony spirit.
thank you loves! :hug:
thank you so much for all friends and Tohosomniacs who made my life getting brighter and happy of course :D
if TS didn't has you, our lovely forum will be nothing.
thanks a bunch! <3

and for the last, a big and tightly hug will be sent for our adorable boys.
TVXQ/DBSK/TOHOSHINKI or else their named. lol
you are the reason we could reach this age. we'll always be by your side. we'll always wish the best for you.
and we'll always love you, no matter what happened.
whenever and wherever you are. WE REALLY DO FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU!

lets reach another year again together guys!


Posted Image

banner credits: Eternalove @ tohosomnia.net
-thanks <3-

#5 yuujae


    Jaejoong's Wife

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 04:14 PM


So much has happen within this one year. Happiness and sadness but still, what makes me proud to be Somniac is that we always bond with each other during this happy and hard times. I join this forum in September 2009 and i've been loving it since. The thing that attract me first to this forum is Jee and her translations. I love you dear for your hardwork in keeping us up-to-date with current news. For that, you deserve the hugs :hug:

This place has been like my 3rd home. I got lots of friends here and i enjoy talking to all of them (though i've been missing from sbox lately ...gomen!!!) Getting excited talking about everything from TVXQ to nonsense stuffs :rofl: ... what a day :D

To all the staffers (and ex-staffers) : Zhuubee, Risa, Cherie, Monkitten, Jassie, Sheilla, Manda, Lily, Jee, Rara, Raune, Bean, Ayuchun, Ain, Jou, Clari, Mariz and Minay (anyone i left out?) .. THANK YOU and HUGGLES!!!! :thumbsup: :hug: you girls ROOOCCCCKKKK!!!

To the buddies... thank you for the donation that makes this forum survives (my pervydeedee , i don't love and miss you :nyah: )

To all TOHOSOMNIA'S FAMILY, let give us a pat in the back for making this forum always active.

And to TVXQ... i love the five of you for who you are. You bring us all together :cloud9:


The Evil One 411

Posted Image

#6 baka_kayun



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Posted 15 August 2010 - 04:57 PM

Happy 1st Anniversary Tohosomnia!
I don't consider myself a regular poster on Toho but every one of you still make me feel like family when I post or talk in the Sbox so thankyou to each and every one of my fellow members and thankyou to the staff.
I especially want to say thankyou to the staff because I know how hard it is to run a forum, on top of school work, jobs and even your social life you guys have to handle Toho. It's a really tough job and sometimes it feels like you'd have to sacrifice a part of your life to run this forum so thankyou so much for making Toho into what it is today. You guys have done an awesome job!

So! Let's all continue walking together in this spirit! And let's continue hand in hand to wait for the boys to come back to us!

Posted Image
Credits: Eternalove @ tohosomnia.net

#7 imprinted


    Junsu <3

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 05:32 PM

Happy Birthday Tohosomnia!!!!!
A huge round of applause to all the staff members! They are one hardworking people. Although some of us take them for granted, they all worked together as one. I learned to truly appreciate them as they taught me what it's like to be them through their eye. Each and every one of them is a teacher to me and always will be.

Buddies: You guys help keep the site alive! Without you guys pitching in, I know it would be hard for a site like to be going on for this long and more years to come.

Members: You know sometimes I think that we feel like we don't do anything. I think posting on this forum and able to interact one another truly does make this site feel home. We do help the staff sometimes with their input and output part of their job. Also able to give feedback about this site and able to tell what we want to see more does help the staff.

Overall, being part of this site is a great honor. I love interacting with each individual to know how well we can get along. Of course, being part of the family also mean there will be disagreements and what not. I officially declared that me being taken away from this magnificent site is going to be a torment.


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Credits: Eternalove @ tohosomnia.net

#8 mistyblue27


    Jae Heart Chun Arms ^^.

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 10:05 PM


Thanks or the Staff and my Co- member to make this forum alive and kicking.. ^^..
Thanks for all staff to make this happen... the first Birthday of TOHO :dance:..
thank you guys for all the effort you make in this site..and thanks that i belong here..
i know being the staff its not easy job. from moderator, the translator..Graphics artist...etc....
this job need more searching and gathering data about the boys... you guys are amazing for having
a great forum....
This forum i also gain a friend all over the world and it makes me proud....
even though we are not see each other, but we still keep in touch here...
we joke around we play around, we laugh, having you guys is an honored to know all of you...(tears Tears)...
thanks so much for the great friend that you given to me...


Its Party Time woot woot...!!!:dance::dance:

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I am Only one, but still i am one.. i cannot do everything but still i can do
something... and because i cannot do everything i
will not refuse to do something i can do

#9 tetsuko-chin


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Posted 15 August 2010 - 11:54 PM



It's been a year?!!?! :hyper:
365 days i have spent my days with you

I love you all so much and you are the reason that made me love the boys deeper~
And the reason we can hold on to any kinds of 'weather' that hit us non stop

Happy moments, memorable events, sad and seems like hopeless situation regarding every aspect of our lives
This forum has become my magic window to the huge part of the world

I may not be as lucky as Jae, like he himself said in 3hree voices dvd, that he said he was lucky for he had gone around the world in such a young age ~

BUT! I have this window that made me possible to make friends with lots of people outside my country and in my own country *lols :rofl:

And somehow got lucky that I already met two person in KL that has been like a little sister to me :D ~ and I will search each and everyone of the member here if I could get another chance again

The most amazing things was that through this window, I get to know 3 lil cutie girls in my own home town that I never thought I would found if I'm not a citizen of this sleepless place XD

So my best wishes goes to all of you and me and this forum~
May another good things happened in the next year to come

And I wont stop of getting to know each and everyone of the member here
Cos who knows one day we will meet?? I will look forward to that days :dance:

Did I tell you that you're the coolest forum I've ever joined to??
You are. :thumbsup:

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Siggies : farayas I Nia's 411

#10 JWJaeJ



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Posted 15 August 2010 - 11:55 PM

CONGRATULATIONS~~~~ on your hardwork~~~~

i love the forum....XD


hope this forum will gain more members ^_^

#11 emerheliena



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Posted 16 August 2010 - 12:01 AM

Happy 1st Year Anniversary Tohosomnia!

Eventhough I am still new here. I really feel glad that I was able to join this wonderful forum. I know I am not active that much here due to many responsibilities. But be assured that I always make it a point to visit here as much as I can since I also love this place. I have met many wonderful friends here and I hope that I can gain more in the next years to come...

Congratulations to everyone who have worked so hard in making this forum possible. And Jia yo to all the admins, mods and team members who have worked so hard in maintaining Tohosomnia. More power to all of you and CHEERSSSS to more wonderful years ahead~~~~

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Banner by chechoki @tohosomnia.net

#12 jasm12341995



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Posted 16 August 2010 - 12:55 AM

Okay, well.. urmm... I've already wished you guys on twitter [because twitter is on my iPod Touch so, it's easier to get to and stuff...]... but, honestly, I seirously didn't realize it was Tohosomnia's first anni till I opened my twitter and saw a bunch of anni greetings to you guys. So, GUILTY AS CHARGED. But, I'll mark this date on my calander, okay? XD.

Anyways, just to make sure everything's okay with us...


Okay, wow. haha.... YOU'RE ONE YEAR OLDER NOW!!! kekekkeke.
I remember when I was a member of iscreamshinki and it got inactive... and I got kinda dissapointed because that was the time I really wanted to go around forum-ing. =P Then, comes this PM saying TS is coming up. And, I was like... WHOOOOO~ XD
Now, LOOK AT YOU!!! You're even thanking me. [seriously, I had to like... re-read... again and again and again and again to make sure that's really my username. haha. thanks for mentioning me, ily!! <3<3]

I'm so proud of this forum, all the things it's been through, the changes, the ups and downs, pros and cons... THE AWESOME ACTIVITIES!!!
I'm so extremely sorry I can't be around so much anymore. I feel like crazy guilty right now because like... my username's up there and I'm not doing much, currently. But, I swear to God I will NOT dissapoint from... 12th October onwards! [yes, I actually gave you guys a date. but... I might be sleeping so, plus minus a day. keke.]
And so, I know I've said this a LOT, but... WHO CARES?!


I’ll give you a place to rest
-Nothing Better, Yunho

Posted Image

Thanks to whiteliesoul for the avie/personal photo. =)

#13 PurplexLine


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Posted 16 August 2010 - 01:59 AM


WOOWW~~!!! 1 year guys! congratulations~!! *confetti*

i remember it had just been a few weeks since i joined Shinki!forums that the talks about the move was announced. at first i was like :confused: because i loved shinki!forums and didn't know if it would be as amazing.. but it is! it is fantabulously amazing!

Staffs work so uber hard and their every effort shines through!!

I love the Somnia Family! and i wanna also thanks the creators/directors/translators/staffs/enforcers for bringing this site to life and
to Buddies for keeping it alive! i lovee you all :hug:

psst! and wanna know a secret?? this is the best forum ever!

Somnia, I love chu~

EDIT: I just saw my name on the friends list!! hehe.. i am loved <3

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#14 enigmaticma


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Posted 16 August 2010 - 02:04 AM

happy 1st birth day to TOHOSOMNIA

i'm not good in greating people so it's will be a short thanks... thanks to TOHOSOMNIA for this year great in emotion and love. thanks for all friendship created in its ShootBox, thanks for talents and feeling shared in its Forums, thanks for all suspens its make feel to know the fresh new every day! thanks for supporting me, coz without you all perhaps i will not be so happy, so glad to say i have FRIENDS  and  A NEW FAMILLY. thanks for encouraging me, coz without you, i will not says that i'm supporting "DONG BANG SHIN KI" thanks for everything!

i hope all love and support and continuation to you all ( Moderators, Directors ... etc) 


Hye Jin

Posted Image
credits to: DBSK fan attitude
give him a 2nd chance: share it with pplAbdo
they tell me to choose but as a cassies my choice is so clear so i said: even cassiopeia is shining in our sky... it's always 5 !

#15 ♥elora♥


    Food Goddess a.k.a BEAR !

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 02:43 AM


i was former member of iscreamshinki ..
and then there comes a message that .. iscreamshinki is closing down ...
i was so sad at that time..
but when i receive a message talking about a new forum which is named TOHOSOMNIA ..
i was very excited !! And then it was opened ..

Were i started to have fun ..
to meet various people.. cool, kind, funny, lovable, amazing ...
to form a big family ..
to know more about our 5 big bros .. DBSK ..
to have a amazing activities ..
to treat each member as part of the big family ...
to know a lot about other people ..

wahh ... its been a year .. spending times here in TS .. doing all great things that we can do
and to support the 5 boys !! wahh i dont know ... but STILL FIGHTING DBSK


*i know i did a lot of drama XD and nonsense talk ... oh well .. love yah all and miss yah all XDD *

LOVE: Bear ... F.G. ... elora ... :hyper:

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Credits: Eternalove @ tohosomnia.net

#16 x33annie.



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Posted 16 August 2010 - 04:58 AM

woah.. one year already.. huh.. time really goes by fast. Though i was only on shinki for a few months, i remember the big move. Honestly, i was.. unsure, LOL but i was excited :)
When we finally came to TS, it felt more bigger, more clean and the first few weeks were great because everyone was so happy Ahaha
Then there was Insomnia Rush. They crazily insane game which had me posting past my bedtime. xD In the hood ( one which i will forever remember) and more after.
Tohosomnia has really connected me to not only tvxq but to the members here. Some members who i will remember for a life time and others who i'll be grateful for putting up with my small talks.

For the next 2 years, i'll be entering senior years and free time to lurk would be limited so i guess i'll apologize before hand ^^' I hope that Tohosomnia would stay like this, a happy community where members are able to laugh, cry and comfort each other together.
Lastly thank you to the staffs. Those that used their own time to make my experiences here as pleasurable as possible. Thank you.

Happy Anniversary Tohosomnia!

Congratulations on turning one.

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#17 NekoRiChan



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Posted 16 August 2010 - 08:58 AM


Yay we've reached our first year together!
I migrated here from Shinki and I remember waiting at night to register for Tohosomnia.
I sure don't regret my decision.
Although I don't go on sbox (I went once!?) everyone is still friendly and nice to me~
<3 I hope to stay here forever fangirling over 5 men who don't know who we are but know of our love <3.
Thanks for making one year so fun <3!

Posted Image
Credit: JasEsth @Tohosomnia

#18 Eszterke



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Posted 16 August 2010 - 09:48 AM

It's been a year already? :impossible: wow...
Still remember, when we moved from Shinki...but it's just as nice here.

A HUUUUGE thanks for each and every Directors and everyone, who keeps us updated! :hug:

And when I saw my name on the thank you list...that was OMG... I THANK YOU! And lastly, ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!!!

Love you guys!

Posted Image

Credit for Junsu: dragorsi

#19 anthra_JJ


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Posted 16 August 2010 - 08:19 PM

A HUGE smile plastered on my face as I read the messages from staffies and somniacs.

:hyper: HAPPY BIRTHDAY,TOHOSOMNIA :hyper: *throws confetti* can i say TS is my baby? she/he is only one! i will adopt TS as my baby.any objections? :P

I found TS when I really need reliable news regarding dongdongboys when the whole lawsuit thingy started. and glad to find that TS is the best place ever to share all kind of my feelings. shoutbox is a good thing,you know? xD B)

The chemistry (and biology and physics) between TS staffies,buddies and somniacs are amazing! I'm proud to be a Cassiopeia and a Tohosomniac. Thanks to somniacs and staffies that helped me in my 8 months living-in-shoutbox-without-paying-rent period ;)

Hwaiting Tohosomnia Forums! Hwaiting Staffies! Hwaiting Buddies! Hwaiting Somniacs! Hwaiting Dongdongboys! Love ya all~~saranghae youngwonhi :wub:

Posted Image

avie by Jac and siggie by Farayas

Know Me - 411 & Blog: Speak and Breath DBSK

#20 4everjaejae



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Posted 18 August 2010 - 06:18 AM

Happy First Anniversary ^^ *although it's already late*

it's been a year!
To our staffs, thanks for all your hard works. I really appreciate it ^^
Thanks for making TS better
I was so happy when i saw my name in the list ^_^
I don't regret my decision to be a member of TS.
It's so fun here. I get new friends and family. Everyone is very nice to me, although i seldom chat in Sbox and online now due to school TT
For the following years, i hope TS will be even better than now.
Once again,
happy birthday, TS ^^

TS hwaiting~!

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